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I enjoy making people smile, feel good and enjoy every second of life. I’m also a great conversationalist and can be pretty damn sexy while holding a conversation. Every week I get emails asking if I have content videos, I do not…. pretty sure that isn’t my lane. I also have been asked if I sell product, such as belongings. Pretty sure that is on my to-do list. But what I do get a lot of is can we talk. Do you skype? Well I mostly skype or whatsapp family and close personal friends. Honestly it is something I have been considering for a moment. Not the skype, but the whatsapp lol. Personally I’m not a huge fan of skype.

So you have caught me at a time when I feel the urge to try new things and I am starting 9/21/2019, tomorrow I will offer telephone time for a nominal fee of course. Let me call this Luxurie Love Line. Whether you are looking for a sexy voice on the other end, someone to vent to, phone sex, depressed and need someone to talk things out with. I will offer whatever you bring me.

So let’s talk about phone sex, since I’m sure if you’re a man this is going to be at the top of your list. Yes, I will cater to your every need and discuss whatever you would like to discuss sexually. I will leave you feeling like I just left your bedroom or hotel room. But let me tell you what is and will always be off limits. We will never discuss children, murder or anything that harms another person in any violent manner. I will however allow all GFE, kink, fantasies & fetish, domme: cuckold: edging, kinky role-plays.


CALL ME: Only $20.00 (US) for 10 minutes | $60

TEXT ME: $.69 Volley for 58 minimum volleys | $40

$25.00 for 10 minutes Canadian | $75


1/2 OFF


* I accept major credit and debit cards (gift cards coming soon)

OPTION #1:$luxurieredefined

OPTION #2: Email for Zelle

OPTION #3: Email for Credit Card link


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Mon-Thur: 7pm-1am | Fri: 9am-2pm | Sat & Sun: 10am-3pm

The Fine Print:

  • Your telephone number will never be stored. Nor will your messages be kept. Once our conversation is over with and our chats have ended, everything will be wiped.

  • You will not receive any future messages from me regarding our conversation and I ask that you do the same .

  • Please do not ask me to send photos via text messages as I will not send photos. All photo’s can be found on my website or on twitter.

  • Do not send me unsolicited pictures of any kind. If you do, you will be automatically be blocked.

  • I will not accept booking via phone or text messages. Reservation through booking form only

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If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.