Specials and Sweepstakes Valentine and Beyond

Happy Valentine Day. I’m super stoked to be offering specials and sweepstakes. I love having fun and love the idea of making others happy and introducing incentives is always the way to go. I mean seriously can we all just smile, laugh and destress? As a Luxury Lifestyle Service Provider, my only goal is to help others to destress and to enjoy relaxation classes and release bodily or mental tension……UNWIND. So I am introducing my first Special and Sweepstakes.

Free Convention Package : Book a Total of (10) Ten Successful 90 min Model or Client Hosted Events within 180 days (6 months) for those of you who have trouble counting… and Receive 14 Hrs. on me, with your choice of itinerary day or night! There aren’t any tricks to this, no upcharges, no additional fees what-so-ever. I wouldn’t hear of it! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that absolutely nothing changes. It specifically reads “10 Successful Events”. This means that you must still screen and yes deposits are necessary to lock and confirm your appointments. If I have already seen you within the past year and you do not need to update your current information, all you have to do is email me with the Enter Code: ECONP14, and our scheduled date and time. That way I know that once you have reached your 10 Events, You are now clear to schedule your requested date for your Convention Package on Me.

Someone asked me why I decided to do this, as they feel it is “giving away time”. Well here’s my answer……I meet a lot of very interesting individuals. A lot of whom I actually enjoy spending time with. And although we all get paid for our time, it doesn’t hurt to do good things for others, including turning the table and showing them just how much you appreciate them back. I enjoy spoiling others, and sometimes due to certain situations, its pretty hard to come up with ways to do that. Any good employer or business owner knows that “customer appreciation is everything”.

Sweepstakes: I’m not even going to lie and say that I haven’t been considering some type of sweepstakes for you guys. But I kept trying to figure out what you would be interested in the most. Just like revamping my website with you in mind. I’ve seen many over the past couple of years that have done sweepstakes, one of the best I’ve seen has to be that of AaliyahDae. One can tell she puts an awful lot of thought and creativity into what she does and I admire that. I’m pretty sure that the person who wins her sweepstakes is going to be in heaven. And I would highly suggest you venture over to her page for tickets as well. Not only that, she is absolutely gorgeous and she’s on my fun filled bucket list of Lifestyle Service Providers to meet in 2019. Because its still really early in the game, I’m open to suggestions on what City or State to Spend our 24 Hours in. So feel free to leave suggestions below. Miami, Vegas, New York, San Francisco, etc… There are so many other things I’m sure we can find to do within 24 hours, are you ready?

Pickers: My first filled special/sweepstakes was what I called “Cherry Picker”. I can honestly say not only was it fun, but it was what I would consider successful. And because every one had fun scavenger hunting for the “Cherry” , I had many laughs…. So I will continue this special/sweepstakes. March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. So with that in mind the next will be picker will be “Clover Picker”. Within 1 week Somewhere on my website will be a “4 Leaf Clover” and a special. Once you find it, call “Clover Picker”. I will honor whatever it is. It’s as simple as that. *The catch is that the Picker doesn’t stay in one place. So as soon as someone finds it, it moves. 1 winner per week and yes it can be the same person. You will not be able to use the specials together though.