My All-In Tour 2019



I don’t really think that anyone enjoys traveling as much as I do. It’s something about seeing the countryside in all its natural glamour. The colors, the smell…. and having to use all of your senses to taste nature. I love driving and seeing how beautiful our country is. Enjoying the sound of my tires on the asphalt as pure excitement for a new adventure races through my veins. I love flying and seeing how beautiful the skies are, and the many faces and fashion attire of those hustling and bustling through the busy airports. Because I love traveling so much and since there are approximately 158 days until we bring in the new year, I thought it would be fun to finish off 2019 with an “All-In Tour” .

During my All-In Tour, I will visit all 50 States, over 100 Cities and 6 Countries! A day here, two days there, from one end of our country to the next. Not only will my All-In Tour be my biggest tour, but I plan on using this tour to meet as many models as possible along the way. I’m super excited to offer this tour and plan on enjoying anyone who joins me along the way. My rules are simple …. screening and verification are required. And a deposit is needed to confirm an appointment. I’m highly reputable and reviewed and I’m as genuine a person as you will ever come to know.

So I’ll add a few things to make this process as easy as possible for you.

If you are prepared to book and already have a date and time in mind, by all means please fill out my very secure Reservation Form completely. Once screened and verified, I will send you my personal phone number and the information you need to send a deposit . Once a deposit is received, I will send you confirmation of the date/time… should you need to reschedule or change you may call, text or email me. Deposits are deducted from the modeling fees and are fully refundable. Please be sure to read my cancellation policy. I also offer non-disclosure agreements, should you feel you need one.

Ohhhhhhh before I forget, I’ve started filling in dates on my very Tentative Schedule. I will still offer the opportunity for you to Fly Me To You should you wish to expedite a more private Modeling Event. If you see dates on my schedule and you would like to maybe see me sooner, send in your request anyway. Who knows what lies ahead, as anyone who has ever traveled or toured knows…. sometimes those plans have to change based on booking request in the first place. Interested in longer engagements, me too. Keep in mind that longer engagements are always going to be prioritized and at the top of my list. I give so many options for longer engagements, just check out my Travel Guide. You can even RSVP me, but please keep in mind that an RSVP is NOT how you book me. One must still screen and verify, and pay a deposit to confirm your appointment. Looking or needing a more personalized curated travel arrangement? Oh, I have that covered as well. My Curated Travel Packages will have everything you need, including me. I also offer Exclusive and Non Exclusive engagements by the half month or full month, under my Executive Arrangement . Again only paid bookings can completely change my schedule. So if your waiting for the date to roll around when I come to your city, remember it may change if someone books me in their city first. So don’t wait, make a reservation and pay your deposit or modeling fee to keep me coming your way.

Check my website daily, as I will be adding more States and Cities on my Schedule, more Curated Travel Packages and a Secured Friends Page. And remember if you successfully book me with a paid booking for a State/ City not yet on my Calendar… I promise to make that the next Tour Location on my Calendar !! How’s that for an ALL-IN TOUR?

Oh, so what else can I say? lol not sure at the moment. I’ll leave the Comments Open, should anyone have questions for me, I'll be more than happy to answer your questions publicly or you may email me for more privacy.