Real Talk: Anal Sex in Ancient Greece

I’m the type of person that really likes to know how certain terms originate and what we are really saying, so I decided to do some digging into the origination of the term “Greek Sex”, “Greek Style” or “Greek Love”. Whatever you decide to call it, I personally wanted to know more about the origination of the term itself. I began wondering if the Ancient Greece indulged in an excessive amount of anal sex or were they just the first to discover the pleasure of anal sex?

It was literally only 7 years ago when I initially heard the word “Greek” used in reference to anal sex. I remember my gentlemen friend asking me “Do you do anal?” With a puzzled look on my face, I quickly replied “Are you hungry?, because if you are we can go grab something to eat. I’ve never had greek, but I do enjoy a good Caesar salad every once in a while.” The poor guy must have thought I lost my damn mind, but I was serious and he apparently didn’t feel the need to press the issue any longer. I didn’t exactly know that there was even a term or word other than anal. So I was not only surprised, but quickly and naively even associated this term with “Tossing Your Salad” which is a phrase used in prisons amongst the more homosexual men. Ok, so I get it now, lol. Well, I thought I did.

The more I dove deeper into Greek history the more I learned that Greece was a male dominated and misogynistic culture. Ancient Greeks actually considered women inferior. Men had all the rights and power in their society. Wives were poorly educated and considered property, whilst only limited time was spent with them as they preferred the company of being with other men rather than being with women. Having sex with women during that era was mainly for procreation and they encouraged male bonding to the fullest extent. Ironically, unless the woman was a prostitute was she given more time as apparently they were higher in society even more so than the wife and considered more influential and powerful.

The term “Greek style “ in all actual is indeed a homosexual reference. Not only is it a homosexual reference, but it was mainly between an adult and an adolescent, a form of pederasty rather than homosexuality. Sex between grown men wasn’t as acceptable mainly because it “feminized” the recipient, and of course this was considered shameful to be feminized in a society that already thought of women as low property. So for this reason, it was considered acceptable to have a relationship with a young man between the age of 14-16 which was considered consenting age.

The lowly state of the woman or wife in Greek society meant the penetrative anal sex was more likely to take place in heterosexual relationships or only with someone equally low rank like a slave. It may have also been used as an effective form of birth control.

How the actual term got pinned on Greeks probably stems from the fact that Greeks were one of the first cultures to have the courage to discuss this practice. Although at some point, they unanimously denounced this practice, the association remained.

My Summary: Greek men enjoyed the company of one another but it was frowned upon if they were the receiver (because this made them look feminine) unless it was a young boy, slave or their wife ….. because they were all considered beneath them. And that is how they got around calling themselves gay. So in short Greek men had affairs with little boys while their wives were aware and prostitutes held a higher status than their wives.

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