New Exclusive Companion Platform In Town

Due to the sensitive nature of what is going on in our country right now, I thought it appropriate to speak about a New and Exclusive Companion Platform that is on the rise and sure to be a hit in a year or so. No its not your typical platform. You don’t click on a site and see tons of models, bare ass, tits and ads that read how different she is, what their hourly rate is and a website link that may or may not have some form of illegal content on it. Ok, so that would make it an escort site and this is not what Exclusive Companion Report is about. ECR is an Exclusive Screening and Verification Service with a twist. First, Exclusive Companion Report (ECR) was developed and designed by actively working independent, freelance models. From the concept to the marketing. Beautiful ladies with brains, how sexy is that. Moving forward, if you go to the website you will automatically see that ECR is not even the place where you will find the models. But more the membership page. Every member of ECR including the models are screened and authenticated. No more using the review system to say someone is real, as we all know that doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for some time . Neither does calling yourself a verification site and not receiving full real word information. Second, I find it highly sexy and intriguing that they refer to themselves as a Luxury Lifestyle Management Consultant Service, thus making any Model or Travel Companion a Lifestyle Service Provider. While this is by no means a huge website with hundreds of random models, I personally feel that their aim is of an entirely lower scale of targeted high quality and more focused approach.

When The Erotic Review closed the doors to the US, unfortunately men who are referred to as “slobbyist” needed somewhere else to go, and have scattered. Slobbyist are the guys that would attempt to negotiate your modeling fees and would write fake reviews in order to see a model, and often write bad reviews. Often providers would even be blackmailed to preform certain acts just to stop one from writing a bad review. But let’s keep it real, law enforcement wrote plenty of fake reviews too and eventually infiltrated even the “White List” on The Erotic Review. One platform I can say for sure that is a true verification site is Cathy at I can honestly say, although I have never used her site, as of yet I trust that I won’t have any issues with her advertising and verification methods that she uses. Cathy has been around and in business since 1983, and that in it self says a lot about her as a business owner in the industry. Futhermore, I can honestly say I have never heard anything bad or negative regarding her or how she handles her platform. I could touch on Preferred411, but since I dissolved my relationship with them April of last year I won’t.

Due to the very Limited Reputable options we have at this present time, ECR is a breath of fresh air. References are an option, but at this time most certainly not mandatory, and the website to which you will find the models are marketed on is absolutely gorgeous. As far as security and what added measures have been taken to protect you, you must read the website. I mean, really ….. I can’t give you all the answers to everything. What I do know is that a handful of Elite Series Models are being marketed via the new platform. I for one am proud to have the banner link on my page and so do a few other high end models. It’s not meant for everyone or it wouldn’t be called “Exclusive”. So, when you have time check it out, follow them on Twitter @ES_Grid. I promise you won’t be sorry, anything not attached to the adult industry at this time is a good thing, right? Since no one knows the direction in which anything or anyone is going.