how accurate are your photos?

My photos are not only accurate and genuine, but I have tons of candid and selfies that I will be posting on my website as well.

is screening mandatory?

Not only is screening mandatory, but verification of who you are in today’s time is essential. Screening is non-negotiable and required for all new clients, and clients whom have not used my services in over a year. I assure you that my screening process is easy, confidential and although a little more detailed than most was only made like that for your protection as well as my own.

Why do I need to verify?

Would you open your front door and just allow anyone off the street into your house? I bet the answer is no. Verification of a client is of the utmost importance and determines my comfort level. I offer a non-disclosure agreement to each client that successfully screens. I want you to be just as comfortable with me having your information, as I am with you during an event.


Do you travel?

All the time ! I love traveling, hence the second half of my title “Private Travel Concierge”. I currently reside on the East Coast, and am always ready to jump on a plane or jet to fly anywhere in the world, if only for a brief weekend.

how safe is your Site?

I do understand that due to the many breeches and hacks businesses may have had in 2018, filling out forms can be extremely frightening. Not only is my site SSL protected, but my forms are protected with the same connection used by your online banking or any e-commerce. For added security, I also use protonmail and safeoffice, both of which are encrypted email accounts. So as you see, security is everything.

can i call you?

YES ! As soon as you are successfully screened and verified, you will find my personal phone in your confirmation email. Can you imagine all the calls I would get if everyone knew it?