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Executive arrangement

Whether you run a Fortune 500 Corporation or not, my Executive Arrangements offer Professionalism and Exclusivity to the most discerning. I am happy to accommodate you at a moments notice with you knowing that I can and will surpass all expectations of our time together. As an Executive Assistant and Private Travel Concierge, I offer Exclusive Executive Arrangements as needed.

Prime Brokers Arrangement: 10k/month ….… this arrangement with you reserves 2 dinner dates, in addition to 2 (14 hour dinner & breakfast ) each month.

Semi Hedge Fund Arrangement: 15k/month with a two (2) month minimum. This arrangement reserves 2 full days once a week, in addition to 2 dinner dates weekly.

Monthly Executive Arrangement: 25k/month with a three (3) month minimum. This arrangement allows you total exclusivity to me with unlimited, off the clock days and times. I for all intent purposes am your personal haute international luxury model and your private travel concierge for the entire month.

If you are a Top Executive, Hedge Fund Broker, Investor or simply at the top of your game. I am available to accompany you to any Business or Corporate Event. Whether you are attending a Corporate Luncheon, Executive Party or what even what you might consider a boring investors seminar. I can provide the image you require for your Events in the Business World. Feel free to attend an Event at any time knowing that I will be by your side. Or I would be willing and able to help you book any extended excursion so that your business meeting is exciting and pleasant and a lot less stressful.