Screening and Verification

Look I get it. If you’re thinking about using a model or companions service for the first time, your probably a bit hesitant on wanting to expose your personal information. I mean really why would she ask for this, when all you would like to do is meet her and spend time with her, right? I mean who knows, for God’s Sake you may fly your personal travel concierge out to meet you for a business trip in which you two are alone. And we both know how sometimes having a couple of drinks, the perfect environment and a breeze off the ocean can excite some of us to the point we expose more than just our names.

On the other hand, would you open your front door and allow someone whom you have never met to walk freely into your home without identification and just make themselves at home? I’m pretty sure if as smart and as logical as you say or think you are, the answer is “hell no”. So in that case, why would any model allow him or herself to be put in a situation that could possibly endanger their lives. I mean really who puts themselves in the line of danger and will play with their own life so carelessly. I’m not sure about you, but personally I would feel more comfortable with someone who screens and verifies for their own safety.

At least I know if someone screens, they obviously care enough about themselves and money is not the first thing they are thinking about. In my personal opinion, it also protects you as a client. I mean think about it, you obviously are hiring a model that cares enough about them self to take the time to screen and be safe, they aren’t as desperate to be hired by just anyone and so is less likely to live recklessly and when we consider the nature of any business that revolves around models, companions, personal assistants, concierges, etc sometimes an agent or law enforcement will conduct a sting. Law Enforcement is less likely to go through the hassle of conducting a screen or verification as I’m sure this would probably fall under entrapment. In any case, I’d stay clear of anyone who is not screening.

So now you ask, how much information is really needed, right? Well, different strokes for different folks. I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t and still don’t troll through various models websites to see how they screen and what information they ask for, if any. Some don’t ask for anything other than legal name, phone number, and email. Those three things are a given. While others ask for 2 references to make sure that anyone before them can verify that you were respectful and didn’t rob, beat, or do worst. But times are changing and many models are not what we call reference friendly, so using only references can hinder your screening process if that is the models main avenue for screening. There are 2 major online verification sites (for now) that I know of that a lot of models and gents are members of. However, one of them does an extensive check of its members. The other does not. Some models use employment verification only, but I’m not really sure how that works if you are retired, disabled or military. But one thing is for sure, due to the sensitive nature of being an independent freelance model, real world information is mandatory.

Ok, so if you’re on the slower end of the spectrum and believe that models who ask for your information are doing so to hold you hostage or want to blackmail you, stop. No one reputable or respectful wishes to do you any harm what-so-ever. Now, I’m not going to say that every model is identical in thinking , but notice I said reputable and respectful. I mean clearly, we all know that no matter what job you have, everyone is vulnerable from time to time to someone who uses and abuses. I can assure you though that there are more models that only screen for their safety as opposed to screening to attempt to commit a crime. And yes, extorting and blackmail is a crime.