NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA): A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), sometimes referred to as a non-disclosure form or NDA form, is a contract for a business relationship where the parties involved agree to enter a confidential relationship to protect the information described in the agreement.

Before you even ask, yes an NDA is a legally binding contract that requires parties to keep confidentiality for a defined period of time. They are also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), or secrecy agreement (SA). So if you wish to restrict access to or by third parties, then this may be your cup of tea. Like all contracts though, they cannot be enforced if the contracted activities are felonies. So, I would suggest not committing any felonies, lol. NDA’s can be “mutual”, meaning both parties are restricted in their use of the information provided.

A few may argue and say that if they have to have an NDA than why plan on being in the company of that person? Whilst another may argue and say that, it is better to be safe than sorry. But how safe are we really, as the incident surrounding Stormy Daniels and Trump clearly shows that not even legal binding contracts such as non-disclosures are 100% and that pretty much everything has holes in it, and it really has a lot more to do with the integrity and character of the person and not the paper it is written on. However, no one wants to be sued for divulging personal, or secret information that may harm or embarrass the other person. So looking down the barrel of a civil suit may deter some from exposing another’s secrets that from the very beginning, they promised to not give away or expose. Too often at this moment, I have seen personal information exposed on social media that can totally destroy a persons’ livelihood and ruin their families. And all because someone cancelled for the second time, or didn’t do as you liked. Maybe the person, being a client, model, or companion didn’t wish to spend anymore time with you and you felt differently. Although there are those of us who would call that stalking, it goes against a code to expose that person’s information just because you no longer see eye to eye.

So how can you enforce an non-disclosure signed by a model using a stagename, you ask? Yes, a model may use her stage name when signing an NDA. Just so long as she or he is not signing with their entertainment name and using it to defraud or commit a crime. Any and everything can be subpoenaed. As much as you feel that as a client you aren’t protected, you really are. If you are going to file any type of civil or criminal suit, remember that only officers of the courts can have websites, phone numbers and other information subpoenaed. If an attorney really needed to find information out on someone, even someone that uses a stage name it really wouldn’t be that hard. It may take a little more time than usual, but the information can be found.