Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward
— Leonardo Da Vanci


Allow your beautiful Private Travel Concierge to charter a Plane, Jet, or Cruise for you. Maybe you would just like to enjoy seeing me walking around on your Private Yacht wearing my newest Louis Vuitton Swimwear. Come let us escape to one of the most beautiful and serene exotic locations knowing that you are accompanied by one of the most Exquisite Models in the country.

Domestic Weekend 48 Hours: 10,000 +Travel and Accommodations | Additional 24 hours: 2500

International Weekend 48 Hours: 12,000 +Travel and Accommodations| Additional 24 hours: 3000


Airfare and Transportation are in addition to my modeling and concierge fees. All travel expenses are expected in advance. First or business class tickets are always appreciated. I require 50% of the Travel Itinerary to be covered so that proper travel arrangements may be made well in advance.  

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I am always passport ready to go and can’t wait to see where our new adventure will take us. Whether you want a would like me to accompany you for a weekend or an entire week. You chose my wardrobe by letting me know exactly what I need to pack, and for how many days. Or maybe as your Private Travel Concierge, you would like for me to make all the arrangements, it’s as simple as that.

Let's fly to Paris on your Jet, or if you prefer to Travel by Yacht we can travel to Sardinia, Monaco, St Tropez, and Cannes. Let’s enjoy dinner in Monaco and breakfast in Dubai.


I would be honored to accommodate you and provide you with an unforgettable experience! I will create an incomparable love-story between you an any destination you choose.

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